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Turbo Turf's line of Turf and Tree Sprayers are available in a wide range of models designed for long life and easy service. All tanks are seamless polyethylene with a 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee. All sprayers are equipped with 30 mesh strainers to filter out debris and a clear bowl for easy servicing.

Turbo Turf Sprayers are available with a Honda 5.5 H.P. engine.  Units are standard with a Comet APS 41 diaphragm pump which has more pressure and flow than pumps used on competitive units.  The Comet APS-41 pump has a maximum pressure of 580 P.S.I and a maximum flow of 11 G.P.M.  All units come standard with a Turbo gun which may be easily adjusted from a cone spray to a straight stream. A Green Guard JD-9 gun is available as an option.

Turbo Turf's sprayers are made with structural steel which offers longer life than the formed sheet steel many other units are made with.  Most units feature a convenient front drain. 

We build standard spray units, compact spray units and space saver spray units.  Need something custom made to your specs?  We are flexible enough to try to build what our customer needs when possible.  The picture above was one of the units built for the US Army which needed to fit in a compact space.  The above unit had no fittings in the bottom.  The above photo also shows the Turbo Long Distance Gun in operation.

All plumbing on Turbo Turf Sprayers is rustproof. All units are equipped with a tank shut off and a tank drain at the front of the sprayer to make tank clean out easy.  Frames are fabricated from heavy duty welded steel. Turbo Turf sprayers are  available single tank designs or in  multi tank units with any combination of up to 3 tanks, pumps and reels.


Products include

Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding Systems,  Turbo Turf Straw Blowers, Turbo Turf Ice control sprayers,  Turbo Turf watering units and Turbo Turf Tree and Turf sprayers.

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Hydro Seeding units,
Straw BlowersIce Control Sprayers,   www.strawblower.com and CompostTeaSprayers

We also have an online site to help people find local hydro seeding contractors where we have the world's largest list of hydro seeding contractors.  Visit our online help community for the hydro seeding industry as well.