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Contact Us

Email: turboturf@hotmail.com or ray@turboturf.com 

Address: Turbo Technologies, Inc.
             1500 First Ave.
             Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Toll Free Phone: 800-822-3437 This number works in the USA or Canada
From other countries use 1-724-846-0670

Our Fax Number is: 724-846-3470

Contact People

President  Ray Badger
Office manager Brenda Hankinson
Production Manager Dirk Walsh 
Fabrication Manager Dirk Walsh
Purchasing  Dirk Walsh or Ray Badger
Advertising:  Ray Badger

Sales:   Brenda Hackinson
           Rob Badger



Hydroseeding Equipment  www.turboturf.com

Find a hydro seeding contractor.  Free advertising for Turbo Turf Owners (The World's Largest List of Hydroseeding Ccontractors.)  www.hydroseedingexperts.com

Hydro seeding community (great discussion forum)  www.i-hydroseeding.com

Turf Sprayers    www.TurfSprayers.com    or www.TreeSprayers.com   (same site)

Ice Control Sprayers  www:IceControlSprayers.com

Straw Blowers   www.StrawBlowers.com

Watering Units  www.WateringUnits.com







Products include

Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding Systems,  Turbo Turf Straw Blowers, Turbo Turf Ice control sprayers,  Turbo Turf watering units and Turbo Turf Tree and Turf sprayers.

Visit our Web Sites

Hydro Seeding units,
Straw BlowersIce Control Sprayers,   www.strawblower.com and salt spreaders
We also have an online site to help people find local hydro seeding contractors where we have the world's largest list of hydro seeding contractors.  Visit our online help community for the hydro seeding industry as well.